Welcome to Island Road Evangelical Methodist Church. We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to visit us at Island Road Evangelical Methodist Church. We are committed to help you know Christ and to grow strong spiritually.

We are a Bible believing Methodist church that stands on the fundaments of the Christian faith. We stand without apology for the Bible, inerrant, infallible and eternally sure, and proclaim Jesus Christ as the only hope of the world for salvation. The preaching and teaching at Island Road is centered on the Holy Bible. Only the Authorized King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is used in our pulpit.

We emphasize the importance of God's Word to meet your needs. We offer Bible training classes for every age. Our services are designed to worship the one true God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the leadership of the Holy Spirt. We worship in a manner that exalts Christ alone as preeminent, for He is the only One through whom people can come to God.

Our church demonstrates a genuinely friendly atmosphere that reflects the attitude of the Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and worship at a church where you are welcome and have the opportunity to accept Christ as Savior and to grow in the abundant life only Jesus Christ can bring.

We stand for the principles of the national Evangelical Methodist Church of America, which subscribes to historic orthodoxy, in contrast to the apostasy which marks much of modern religion. We are aligned with the American Council of Christian Churches. We are NOT affiliated in any way with the National Council of Churches, nor the United Methodist Church.


Bradley Reider


Schedule of Services


10:00 am Sunday School

11:00 am Worship Services

6:00 pm Evening Worship


7:00 pm Bible Study



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